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Shutaf partnered with Chai Mitzvah to create this innovative curriculum, Kehilla: Caring and Community, exploring Jewish perspectives on disability and difference. The three sourcebooks which can be used individually or as a set, are each accompanied by a Leader’s Guide, and are appropriate for younger and older teens as well as adults.

We are all on a journey from one stage of life to the next. Throughout life’s passage you will have experiences – some expected and others unexpected – that will be part of your gaining in wisdom and understanding.

A community is made up of separate individuals, each with their own needs.  What is the responsibility of the community towards its members?



Tzedakah or charity, is not simply an act chosen by generous people, it is an expected act of each and every Jew and of every Jewish community. Chesed (acts of lovingkindness) is a deep expression of the human impulse to help anyone in need.