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Tribute Page – Robert Barry Ebrahimoff

Robert Barry Ebrahimoff
December 29, 1957 / 7 Tevet 5718 – April 8, 2020 / 14 Nisan 5780

My Uncle Robert loved to love. He loved his family and treasured family photos; he loved his group home, the staff, and his friends that he lived with; and he loved babies and would call all of us nieces and nephews, and our children, “his” babies. He loved to dance and bowl, and he collected keychains. He was the life of the party and relished being the center of attention. He had a famous catchphrase, pretty good advice to live by: Behave.
Robert was born in an era when people with Down syndrome were largely hidden away and not talked about. But his parents (my grandparents, my mother’s parents) took a more progressive approach despite their traditional background. While Robert lived his whole life in homes away from home, he was always part of the family’s lives in as full a way as his parents could manage and afterwards as his sisters could. We spent holidays and birthdays together, and Robert was always happiest when we were celebrating him.
It was particularly painful for those of us who loved Robert that he died in April 2020, a time when we couldn’t visit him in the hospital, couldn’t hold his hand during his final days, and couldn’t gather in person to say goodbye and celebrate the person that he was. Robert lived a full and beautiful life, and I am grateful to be able to honor his memory through a gift to Shutaf.

Written by Naomi Bloom Wurtman