Did you know? December 3rd is International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD), developed in Australia and recognized by the United Nations, celebrating progress in breaking down barriers, opening doors, and creating an inclusive society for all.

It’s the end-of-year, yup, that time of year that Shutaf Inclusion Programs asks for help from our friends and friends of friend. Help us continue to provide excellent and inclusive programs for more than 150 kids and teens in Jerusalem. Read Talia’s story here and Donate Now!

And for a bit more to read, some of my thoughts on gratitude, based on a piece that celebrates the joyful mess of life somewhat rethought from my particular perspective as parent of a teen with a disability.

Gratitude. Sure we’re grateful. That is, when we do remember to acknowledge and give thanks that we have a home, clothing, food to eat and people we love in our lives. Other times we feel cranky!

Ira, Akiva, and Beth at the circus.

Ira, Akiva, and Beth at the circus.

This is for those of us, parents and caregivers, teachers, therapists and staffers who work work hard, really hard, to answer the needs of all of our children, especially those with disabilities. We are grateful, even if we’re at times tired and in need of an extra hug.

I am grateful for…

  1. Early wakeups = children with sensory issues who defy sleep. Maybe this time we can snuggle together and I’ll close my eyes until 6AM.
  2. House to clean = because my kid had a crazy meltdown in the bathroom. But while I cleaned it up, I reflected on how hard it must have been for him/her at that moment.
  3. Laundry = thankfully, I have a dryer.
  4. Dirty dishes = because we had a fresh meal, even if he/she didn’t eat the stew because it was just too scary.
  5. Crumbs under the table = isn’t it time to get a dog so that this isn’t a problem?
  6. Toilets to clean = see #2.
  7. Lots of noise = and the ability to handle sensory input as well as find a quiet place for my special person to get away from it all.
  8. Endless questions = I’d be grateful to have a person who has the ability to ask endless questions…I miss that. For those who have inquiring children, consider what it’s like when they don’t speak that much.
  9. Getting into bed sore and tired = I’m still alive! And hopefully will be able to get up again in the morning.

By Beth Steinberg, Co-founder of Shutaf
December 2014
Inspired by Chelsea Lee Smith. MomentsADay.com