Big coverage for Shutaf. A full length piece by Ruth Eglash. Please read, comment, share, tweet, post. Do your thing readers.

The article is good. It’s honest and Ruth, bless her, really uses our quotes to describe both our frustration as parents as to the lack of activities for our children with special needs, along with the tale of how Shutaf was founded and how we continue to fight for funding and support, especially in municipal and government circles.

I was concerned about her use of the term Down’s syndrome but have noticed, in these parts, that is, that it is more commonly used and it’s a UK use more than a US use. In truth, it’s confusing from an English usage perspective given that we’re accustomed to ‘s for plurals of this sort and saying ‘a child with Down’ just sounds weird to our ears. No matter, just musing.

Exciting events for those in Jerusalem. Monday, July 11th at 7:30pm, Beit Avi Chai. A Benefit Concert for Shutaf with Women’s Ensemble, Tefilat Haderech. nis60. Email for more info.

Thursday, July 14th. Hollywood, Comedy and How I Met Your Mother with Matt  Blitz. Matt is a writer’s assistant on the show and an LA comedy guy. Come and have a great time with Matt at the El Halev Theater space in Talpiyot. Poalei Tzedek #2. 3rd Floor. 8:30pm. nis50.

In both cases, sponsorship and cooperation will mean that all proceeds will go directly to Shutaf programs. Ain’t that grand?

See you next week.