Young Adulthood ages 21-30

21+ at Shutaf is where adults with disabilities meet up for activities and to socialize. Shutaf offers a supportive social environment with staff mentors ready to assist and guide each group member in finding and establishing their independence. Staff mentors help the group with the skills needed to choose and plan monthly, small-group outings based on their interests, time constraints, and budgets. The group will also spend time learning new skills on their smartphones and tablets as aids to everyday, independent living.


Hobbies and More

4-6 short-intensives are offered beyond the regular, weekly gatherings during the course of the year, with a focus on developing hobbies and at-home activities that can be learned at Shutaf and continued at home. From crafting and sewing to sports, fitness and more, Shutaf adults will have the opportunity to try out interesting new activities.