Founding Directors

Beth Steinberg,

A graduate of Massad and Ramah camps and a former New Yorker, Beth believes in the importance of inclusive, informal education as a platform for teaching important Jewish and social values while building a more caring and accepting society. Beth accepted the 2017 Sylvan Adams Nefesh B’Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize in the community-nonprofit category for creating and building Shutaf with co-founder Miriam Avraham. Beth teaches and writes about disability issues and the parenting experience, and is also the artistic director of Theater in the Rough.

Miriam Avraham,
A Camp Geva alumni and Camp Ramah staffer, Miriam moved to Israel from the NY area, eventually settling in Jerusalem with her family. Miriam and her husband Yehuda, are long-time advocates for the rights of people with disabilities and the need for a diverse, accepting and inclusive community. When not directing Shutaf operations, Miriam and Yehuda, work together in nonprofit management. Miriam is a skilled EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, and has written and developed Hebrew-language books for young readers.

Professional Staff


Director of Program Operations,


Program Director, Shutaf Inclusion Programs,


Assistant Program Director, Shutaf Inclusion Programs,


Social Worker; Education and program coordinator and educational associate,


Program coordinator and logistics,


Outreach and education associate,

Program Staff at Camp Shutaf and year-round programs

Shutaf hires, trains and mentors close to 100 counselor staff and specialists, year-round. Counselors are all post-army and national service, a more mature program staff than typically found at local, informal-education programs. Counselors are trained, mentored, and supervised by Shutaf’s senior staff, ensuring a positive experience for all. Program activities are run by specialists in their areas, unusual for most Israeli informal education programs.