Shutaf Inclusion Programs in Jerusalem offers year-round activities for children, teens, and young people, with and without disabilities. 


Camp Shutaf 

  • Passover Day Camp. During the pre-Passover school break. For children, ages 6-14. 
  • Passover Teen Overnight Experience. During the pre-Passover school break. For teens, ages 14-21. 
  • Summer Day Camp. During the first 3 weeks of August. For children and teens, ages 6-21.


Employment programs at Camp Shutaf

  • Junior Counselor work experience for teens, ages 16-21.
  • Voc-Ed for teens and young adults, ages 16-30.


Year Programs

  • Teen Young Leadership Program. Held 3x weekly, year-round. Ages 14-21.
  • 21+ at Shutaf. Held 1x weekly, year-round. Ages 21-30
  • Inclusion education. Staff development, workshops, family gatherings.


Shutaf is committed to quality services for all children of all abilities, regardless of labels, financial limitations, cultural and religious differences.